Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm determined to start posting on here more often. I haven't written down any milestones for Sam yet, and this is one place where I could really quickly type up some of the things he is doing once in a while. If I just do it once a week that would be much better than I'm doing now! At his four month appointment (almost a month ago now, though!) he was 16 lbs and 27 1/2" long. That puts him at the 95% for height and 70% for weight. Crazy long boy. He's already in 9 month clothes, and in fact I'm quickly running out of clothes that he fits into! I had some hand me downs when he was smaller, but somehow I have a gap between 6 months and 18 months. I have a few 12 month things, but hardly anything for 9 or 12 months! Whoops! He got a few sleepers for Christmas and right now I'm washing those a LOT and rotating through them! It's cold in our house, so those are the easiest things to put on him with layers. Sigh. Need to find someone else who has hand-me-downs! :)

For my own reference, Sam is cooing, smiling, laughing (at random things, like my parents dog running by, or Chris rolling around on the floor with Grace- she loves to roughhouse with him in the evening, SO cute!), "talking", almost rolling over, he loves to stand, we put him in the exersaucer for the first time a couple of weeks ago and also tried the bouncy seat in the doorway (he loves them both!). Other than that he loves to nurse and he is a decent, although not a great sleeper. He's been taking great naps, but at night he wakes up a bunch of times to nurse. He's still in our room, in a crib across the room from us, b/c we have not figured out a solution to our space issues. We have 4 bedrooms, but 2 are on our first floor, and 2 on our 2nd. Right now Grace's room and our room are upstairs. I don't think that Grace would do well sleepwise with Sam in her room waking up every few hours. But I also don't like the thought of her on a different floor than us. Any ideas? I'm wondering if I should just TRY putting Sam in her room and see how it goes, we could always put him back in our room. I wish he'd just sleep through the night, then I could put him in there with her! What to do, what to do...

Grace is amazing. She turned 2 on Halloween, and she is just an incredible little girl. She has been able to say her alphabet and count to 10 for about 6 months now, she knows tons of sign language, verbally she is beyond some 3 year olds I know, her favorite songs that she sings are "Twinkle Twinkle," "Jesus Loves Me," and "Away in a Manger." She knows all the words. Most of her books she can recite to us, and she is starting to get quite the little sense of humor. She is also a little mommy! The other day I was sitting on the couch nursing Sam, Chris was in the kitchen, and he had me go look in the playroom (off the kitchen). There was Grace, sitting in her little rocking chair, nursing her baby (complete with a blanket over her baby's body), talking quietly to her "sweet sweet baby". She loves to help me with Sam, loves to take baths with him, hold him, burp him, get his paci, etc. She's a great big sister, and has really never shown any jealousy at all.

I'm in love with my children.

In other news, Chris finished his first semester of seminary, and just started his 2nd. He's doing well, and we're adjusting to the hectic schedule he has to keep. I'm looking into a couple part time childcare jobs, watching children here in my home. I'm talking to a family with a 4 month old (actually 3 days older than Sam, it'd be like having twins!) who needs someone on Mondays for almost 10 hours (!), and a woman with a 5 and 7 year old (girls) who would need to be picked up from school 4 days a week and watched until 7:30. When we origionally talked this was only going to be 2 days a week, but it has changed now, and I'm not sure I can do all 4 days. It would be Tuesday-Friday, which means I'd have other children here every day. Financially it would be enough (although still not ideal) for me just to do it 2 days a week. For me I think I need a couple of days when it's just me and my children. So I'm going to talk to her about maybe doing it 2 or 3 days and seeing when we can come up with.

Gotta go make dinner!