Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week I most certainly did not go out at 10 pm to buy footless tights the night before my cousins wedding. I am always much more prepared than that. I also did not completely forget to buy them a card or gift. At least I remembered my bible so I could do the reading that of course I had practiced ahead of time, you know, the the car on the way to the wedding.

And I certainly would never feed my children cheese and apples for lunch because we really did not have anything else in the house. And I would never feed them Annie's mac and cheese 3 times in a week and justify it by saying that it's "organic" and therefore it must be healthy. And I would never lie and tell my daughter that that package of cookies on the table? Well, it's empty. Just don't pick it up and shake it. Oh, that's okay, you don't need to put it in the trash honey. Mommy will take care of it.....

I never ever forget that my children haven't bathed in 5 days or that I haven't washed my diapers in a week and that's the reason my son has no cloth diapers to wear today forcing me to use disposables all day long. And I certainly never let my kids run around in pajama's all day and justify that by saying that it's cold in my house and pajama's are just that must warmer than regular clothes. And I get dressed every single morning by 8am. Really. Or. Maybe not.

It's been a while. Again.

So as always it's been a while since I posted last. Always happens. I am just not good at this whole "blog" thing. Let's see. September was a relatively big month. Chris started back at Seminary for the year, which is great, and crazy busy. We're settling into the routine though. And after this year? Only 3 or 4 years to go! It is just our norm for a while, and that is okay, because that's where God wants him, and therefore wants us. I'm okay with that.

On September 20th, my little brother Joshua got married to his beautiful bride, Taylor Goodin. The newest Mrs. Parker. They had the most gorgeous outdoor wedding at her family's home in Bolton, CT. The ceremony was right on a lake, and the reception was under a tent. The weather was beautiful, the food was great, the people were awesome, and the dancing was fun. Sam really went crazy out there on the dance floor, as well as Grace and all her cousins. They all had a blast. Grace asks a few times a week to see pictures of Joshua and Taylor. She is very excited to have a new aunt, and we are all very happy to welcome her to the family. What a crazy, emotional, beautiful day that was. So perfect.

September also held another wedding (Congrats to Chris's cousin Mike and his wife Laura) and other various showers, and a trip to the Big E with my parents the day after my brothers wedding. Yes, we were a little insane, but it was fun! Just exhausting. Clearly 2 days on our feet and no naps for the kids was a stupendous idea. Just kidding. We really did have a great time. I think we also made it to the orchard sometime in September.

October has been just as eventful in my family. On October 8th my brother Jonathan and his wife Rachel welcomed their new daughter, Lillian Magnolia into the world. They had a wonderful birth, and her big sisters, Carolena and Hannah are very proud. We went to visit her on the 12th, just a quick drive to Boston, play, eat lunch, hold the baby, and drive back home. The visit was much too short, and I hope to find a way to get up there soon without the kids for a day.

We also had another wedding this month, just this past Saturday my cousin Stephen got married to Sarah. Congrats guys! It was a beautiful wedding and I was honored to read during the ceremony.

We've had some excitement in our own home lately. About a week and a half ago Chris painted the bedroom off our kitchen PINK for Grace. We put minimal furniture in there and NO toys, bought her a rug at Ikea and set up her new big girl bedroom. She was very excited and most nights falls right to sleep. My hopes that it would help her take naps during the day have quickly become something of the past as I'm realizing she is just not a child who needs naps apparently. She rarely takes naps, although she does have a 2 hour long "rest time" in her room. She spends that time searching through her drawers (even though she is not supposed to) and coming up with new outfits to wear.

In lieu of Grace moving into that room, Sam has seamlessly moved into the nursery and Chris and I finally have the master bedroom back to ourselves. Sam has moved to one nap a day, and sleeps relatively well at night. He is cutting his 10th tooth, a top molar that is giving him a hard time, but he usually only wakes up once or twice at night. Since he goes back to sleep pretty quickly and easily I don't mind too much. He also is mostly walking now, although he still finds crawling easier and faster. I knew this would take me by surprise, even though he's been taking steps for about a month on his own. Until the past few days he still was really only taking about 6 or 8 steps on his own. Today he started walking all the way across rooms like it was no big deal! Even turning and changing direction. And if you give him a finger to hold he practically RUNS. He's going to keep me on my toes from now on. He climbs on anything he gets a chance to, and a couple of days ago Chris found him standing on a kitchen chair at the table eating butter. Yum! I found Grace doing the exact same thing about this age. I guess he's just following in his sister's footsteps!

We're getting ready for Grace's birthday in less than 2 weeks. I can't believe my little girl is turning 3 already. She still proudly says "Two!" when you say, "Grace, how are you?" But she knows that she will be three on her birthday. She also will happily tell you that she is having a Minnie Mouse birthday party. Gotta get going on that one!

Talking about the fireworks we saw last weekend that she did not like at all, and was completely scared of, when I asked if she liked them she said, "No, I was a sad face mommy, I was not a happy face!"

The other day at lunch time I made Annie's Mac and Cheese (the best kind, come on now) and she suddenly looked at me and said, "Look at my nose mommy! It's a booger!" while pulling macaroni and cheese out of her nose. And laughing. Sigh.